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    For nearly 14 years I have had a BlackBerry. From the side scroll wheel, to the track ball to the touch pad and now touch screen devices.

    BlackBerry (BB) 10's release was exactly what I wanted as the evolution of BB went along. I had complete control over my email accounts, messaging and for the most part my browsing experience. Applications never really appealed to me, but it seemed that the ones I did use (Whatsapp among other business applications like MS Office) were available for BB.

    Last week I took the plunge and bought the Priv and forced myself to deal with the inevitable - the shift to the android platform. I really enjoyed the Q10, and while the Passport had its perks, the Priv seemed to be a nice compromise in having the smaller keyboard where my fingers automatically knew where to go. I work in healthcare and scientific research, and I cannot emphasize how sad many of us in the field were with network specific adoptions of BB devices, as well as the seemingly decreased amount of support for our beloved phone.


    The BB dev team has done a bang up job on integrating further with the android shell. For their first foray into the android realm, it's really done pretty well. As a heavy BB user (read: business), there are some legacy functions that if implemented would really cement my happiness, loyalty and support of BB with the Android OS.

    1. BB Hub and Android needs more compatability
    The Android system isn't as intuitive when it comes to marking an email read/unread, although this is quickly discovered with a bit of exploring. I miss having the capability of reading a text message and marking it unread to reply to later.

    Action Item for Devs: Is there a way to integrate this function into the BB Hub for android?

    When using Whatsapp, I don't see the message fully integrated into the hub as it was with BB10. It would be nice to see when I sent a message and if it was received / read within the hub.

    Action Item for Devs: I am aware of the challenges BB Hub has had with Whatsapp in the past, but as a prime messaging system, this would increase fanfare for people who manage their workflow via the BB Hub

    2. Capability for Read / Unread Messages displayed somewhere on the screen / side bar as with BB10.
    I know this is more of a wishlist item as I am unsure if they can actually change the interface of the android system. This was a big one for me and allowed me to quickly know where I needed to set my priorities, and what I had left to do.

    3. Compatibility with Blackberry Desktop.
    I have a lot of information stored on BB Desktop and it was such a seamless way to transfer devices and not lose a byte of data. Is there any possible way we can get this to work with android enabled phones?

    I applaud the efforts at BB, and I hope they continue to live on and make great software and keyboard enabled devices. It's kept me as a loyal customer for (showing my age here) eons. Keep it up, and keep us updated with how the Dev team looks to make the dinosaur BB users like myself feel welcomed and have the same control we are used to on the new phones.
    08-25-16 09:14 AM

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