1. amitmalik's Avatar
    I am using Blackbery Priv. Today morning there was a bug alert in my mobile. And it required an incident number and mail ID but I didn't know that and I pressed to back. Now please tell me what was that and how to find again that bug.
    11-18-17 08:18 AM
  2. amitmalik's Avatar
    Sir I didn't get you, please clear. And I purchased Blackberry Priv just before one and half month but it is very very slow and sticks suddenly and easily.
    And you won't believe it's battery back up is as poor as it could be.
    I am not happy with Priv's speed and battery.
    And wants Blackberry refund for either change the battery and examine each and everything of it.
    Please give me contact number of service team either arrange a back call on 9467645464.
    11-18-17 09:49 AM
  3. mellowjellow's Avatar
    11-18-17 01:10 PM

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