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    I upgraded a phone from 7.1 to 8.1 and happened to notice that unlike on my personal phone, in settings, under backups, the SMS Backup was missing from the list. I've seen this happen on both a KeyONE and a Motion.

    Normally, 8.1 backs up text messages in addition to device settings and all the other stuff, but 7.1 lacked that feature, and it turns out, if you do an upgrade to 8.1, it doesn't automatically add this feature. But if you set up 8.1 fresh it does.

    So as it happens, I turned off the backups, and turned them back on (you'll get a warning that your backups will be lost). After switching them back on, the SMS backup shows up on the list, and will start backing up your texts, so that if you switch devices, you can easily restore them. You'll want to click the "Backup Now" button so that you minimize the time that your device is at risk of no backups.

    But it seems to be a bit of a bug that this requires manual intervention.

    @max-bb can you feed this back? I have a lot of users that I've had to intervene for after figuring this out.
    12-03-18 11:36 AM

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