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    Ive been using the KeyOne for about 4 months and so far it's (mostly) great. One incredibly annoying thing, though, is that I often miss calls because I'm not holding the phone to feel it vibrate. The background is this: I always have my phone on vibrate, and I (nearly) always am wearing a wired headset. With ALL of my previous phones (BBs, Samsungs, and even iPhones), I would hear an audible notification of an incoming call through the headset, even if the device we on silent/vibrate. I wouldn't have to worry about physically feeling the phone, so I could leave it on my desk, in my car's cupholder, or in my jacket pocket. With my KeyOne, I only hear the notification IF I have the ring volume turned on. This is absolutely maddening, and I have to imagine there is a way to correct it. I do have a phone ringone selected in Sounds under Call Settings.

    Any help?
    10-18-17 12:50 PM

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