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    Something which I meant to be asking for a long time now.
    Let's hope this will be dealt with, together with the Redactor issue I reported two months ago. https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...-piece-1149922


    When you open a picture in Notable it first gives you the Crop possibility.
    When you want to discard, you tap on back button (triangle), which gives a few options:

    Save image?
    Cancel | Discard | Save.
    You tap on discard.

    And then it brings you to the former crop page again (with the same pic you thought you discarded). If you tap on the triangle again it resurrects the "discarded" pic again?!

    After discarding (which brings you back to the crop screen), you then try the upper left arrow, and this also brings you to the "discarded" image again?!

    What a mess!!

    Why can't you just simply exit this app?!

    Three upper left dots for menu does not give an option to exit the app.

    Android triangle does not exit the app once you discarded the pic (because it does not do so).

    Simply put: there is no way to exit the app, except recent button and then swipe-delete.

    Sloppy if you'd ask me....
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    08-21-18 01:36 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Few apps are like that...
    08-21-18 02:14 PM
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    Few apps are how exactly? Generally sloppy and without a possibility to exit the app?
    I don't know which apps you use, but I don't think I use an app that won't let me do something basic like exit (abandon) the app when I hit the back icon (triangle) twice for instance. Certainly all BB's other apps let you abandon the app that way.....
    Files, Locker, Camera, Tasks, Redactor, Hub, Phone etc.

    But aside from that, Notable just generally seems an unfinished (beta-like) app (like other apps of them, e.g. Cam, Notes Password manager, Redactor etc.). Seems they only have money left to further develop Hub and Calendar, which seem the only two apps by them that get a bit of attention. I say a bit, because the Hub also has its flaws (e.g. poor attachment compression etc. - see all my started threads- that nobody at TCL/BB seem to care about anyways, it seems).

    But It's pretty obvious why Hub/Calendar gets all the attention: because it's made available (as part of the BB Suit) for a larger public who (unlike the traditional BB users still left) can make a lot of noise when its not up to par....
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  4. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    BlackBerry has limited resources... maybe Notable isn't a priority.

    It's Android... if you don't like Notable, there are others out there to try. I use OneNote because it syncs with my tablet, my desktop at work, my desktop at home, my laptop and my phone.
    08-24-18 11:59 AM
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    Yes, I found Notable to be a clunky app but I have to deal with it to take screenies.
    What I do is, when the first screen appears, hit the check mark if I want to save it and do a share if I want to do that. That's about as deep as I get with processing. When done, press Recents and clear it.

    If I don't want the screenie, I press Back, like you, Discard, then Recents and clear it.

    I'm pretty sure that's how it's working for me; this OS is overly complicated, IMO.
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    08-29-18 08:53 PM

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