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    For quite some time now, I noticed that when I connect my phone to my PC (running Windows 10) (using USB and then Charge & Data> Transfer Files), copying/pasting multiple files/folders from my PC to my phone's memory card/SD card doesn't work flawlessly. It always fails copying a certain amount of files/folders to my phone. Why is this happening?! I have to double check if all files have been copied the first time and then copy/past the missing files. Time consuming. Anyone else experiencing this?

    I think it is easy to reproduce:
    Connect your phone to your PC using USB>Charge & Data> Transfer Files.
    Just take any folder (with or without sub-folders) from your PC that has a certain amount of video's, .mp3's, .jpgs (or a combination) and then copy and past it to your memory card and see what happens.

    Or do the same with a couple of "mixed" folders having .txt files, .docx, .xlsx videos and mp3's.

    It is not reliable and I always need to double check if everything is copied to my phone correctly (which it almost never).

    I still think that BlackBerry should consider re-adding USB-Mass storage to Oreo. Their version of Lollipop had this! For more than one reason (reliability, quickness, easily work and save files stored on your phone while connected to your PC etc.), it's essential to have.
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    02-21-18 02:40 PM
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    For the longest time I've just copied a folder or 2 at a time...depending on how big they were. If they're over a GB I would definitely copy one at a time.

    I don't have an expert answer tho, lol
    02-21-18 07:43 PM

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