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    One thing I liked about the BlackBerry assistant is that after I dictate some phrase to send as a text through the voice recognition, it would read back what it understood so that I know what it understood to send.

    With the google assistant, it just shows what I said on the screen without reading it to me. So I don't know what it understood without looking at it, which is just not possible when I am driving.

    Any idea to enable it say what it understood?
    01-19-17 06:51 PM
  2. supertom's Avatar
    I use Dragon Mobile Assistant, and it reads it back. It can also post to facebook and twitter for you, as well as use your own "wake-up" phrase (i've had instances where I was talking about a google feature to a friend and it woke up my tablet & phone because it thought i said "ok google".. VERY ANNOYING!). The wake-up phrase I use with Dragon is "Hello DroidBerry"... which is something i'm probably never going to say in normal conversation.. lol

    The only gripe I have with Dragon is it uses its own alarm/timer built-in rather than using your default ones on your phone. Everything else like the GPS Navigation and Calendar functions work great!
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    01-20-17 03:38 PM
  3. supertom's Avatar
    just make sure to disable the Google App if you choose to go with a different Voice Assistant
    01-20-17 03:54 PM

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