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    I've been using a key1 on orio for the past 2 years. Originally the inbox icon would only display the red splat icon when new messages where there. I hated that and used nova launcher and tesla unread to put numbers on the icons instead of the splat. Also, I am a BES user (Blackberry enterprise user) so I have a personal workspace and work controlled workspace. in any event after a year or so the notifications stopped working for the work side. I'd still get the numbers on my hotmail, but nothing on my work email. I tried everything. Something must have changed.

    Fast forward. I just activated a samsung android phone and set up BES and noticed that the hub icon looks different and that it is in fact displaying numbers instead of just the splat. No nova launch or tesla unread needed. I can't seem to get this to work on my Key1. The hub+ suite is the latest versions on both phones. Also wondering why the icons look different. Here's some screen shots.

    This is the keyONE

    Hub + inbox icon notifications (number of msgs vs splat)-screenshot_20200605-144309.jpg

    This is the new android phone (android 10)

    Hub + inbox icon notifications (number of msgs vs splat)-screenshot_20200605-144624_one-ui-home.jpg

    Inbox icons are different. One displays a number, one displays a red splat. Why are they different?


    06-05-20 01:51 PM
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    The Key one is using the BB10 icon set instead of the default - that's why your calendar icon won't pick up the date either.

    Samsung's One UI has their own notification numbering, but it's not customizable. That's why I still prefer Nova Launcher over Samsung's. Plus, I don't like how Samsung forces those rounded borders on the icons, which you can disable in Nova Launcher.

    BTW, Nova Launcher now has notification numbers in the main launcher app without the need for the TeslaUnread add-on.

    Also, related to the calendar icon picking up the date, the default icon set will show the date using Nova Launcher, but won't, as you see, with Samsung's One UI.
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    06-05-20 02:07 PM

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