1. tubularbell's Avatar
    Wondering if anyone else here got this message? I got a notification this morning in which Google suggest a number of apps for my new phone. And I still use my KEY² LE on which I never changed my Google Account... Google Play Store suggests apps for my new phone?-screenshot_20200524-080111.jpg
    05-24-20 01:06 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Hard to say based on that alone really. Could just be Google messing around with the notifications for users, could have just been a Google Play Services update glitch or maybe you're in some a/b testing thing.
    05-25-20 12:34 AM
  3. joeldf's Avatar
    Go in the Google Play app. In Settings > Notifications, you can turn off Deals and Promotions. That may be what you're seeing.

    The only notifications I get are Updates only.
    05-25-20 09:29 AM

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