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    Hello all,

    I am new to CrackBerry, but been a recent Fan of BB. I have only ever owned the Q10 and Classic. I was late to BB as I was a die hard Nokia fan (my last phone was the Nokia E5-00, QWERTY phone)

    I have always purchased my BB's on pre-order, and I was one of the lucky ones who was able to get to Selfridges in the UK. When I purchased the phone on 29-May, I was told I had one of the last 10 left in their stock. I wanted to tell you all this small history so you understand I am now a die hard fan of BB, I will prob use and purchase these QWERTY keyboard phones until they STOP making them.

    I was forced to purchase an iPhone (SE) in Dec 2016 when WhatApp decided to stop supporting BB OS, so I write these frustrations having recently owned and used an iPhone too. This is my first Android ever so any guidance you can provide would be great.

    In no particular order

    1. The keyboard touch navigation feature does NOT work on all websites and Apps
    2. The Physical Keyboard does NOT always work when you would expect it to. For example you open Chrome and start typing on the Search page and NOTHING happens! you have to use your finger to touch into the search bar.
    3. When holding the phone if parts of your fingers touch the edge of the slightly curved glass it makes the screen scroll up an down in small increments and makes it look like its "jumping"
    4. Maybe this is an Andriod thing, but when you open the Phone App, you have to touch and phone dial icon in order to open the number pad, When you open the Phone app for the first time the Physical KeyBoard DOES NOT WORK, you have to touch into the search.
    5. Why oh why does clicking any of the keys NOT activate or wake up the phone. I am use to using my phones as a watch. You have to double tap or use the side power buttons to wake it up.
    6. Call me old school, dinosaur if you will but I really really miss the physical buttons for dialing and dropping a call (Green/Red phone buttons). I find it odd that the designers left space for 3 permanent icons on the glass yes did not put the dial/drop call buttons on there. They have the space.
    7. The convenience key is in a rather inconvenient place. It keeps getting pressed when handling the phone.
    8. I find the phone is about 5mm too tall, and with space the keyboard takes up I find it annoying to to use one hand to navigate certain apps/websites.
    9. The phone is difficult to use with one hand, my fingers are NOT long enough to touch the top part of the screen while holding the phone in a natural way (end up having to use two hands)
    10. Related to other Physical Keyboard issues, the phone does not behave the way you expect it too. For example you open the SMS app, the Keyboard does NOTHING until you touch the seach button or touch a message.
    11. Wifi Calling is not enabled on Vodafone UK as yet.

    I remember reading somewhere that Crackberry will or is the official TCL forum area for this phone? If so I hope they read this, as I really want the next iteration of this phone to be better. I am happy and glad TCL released this phone, but please DO not make the same mistakes Nokia and RIM did, please listen to your users and work with us to make it better.

    Thank you and look forward to some healthy discussions.
    Ironically, some of the problems you're complaining about, Blackberry actually did in the last BB10 update as well. When you create a new email, for example, the cursor used to go right to To: so you could start typing. if you replied, it went straight to the body of the email so you could start typing. They changed that in 10.3 (or whatever it was) so that you had to tap in the field before you started typing.

    When you're sending hundreds of messages a day that extra tap really adds up.
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    06-16-17 07:08 PM
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    Hi everybody!
    I am a forensic fan of BB from Bulgaria.
    Probably among the first 3 holding the New Key One in our Country. Had many BBs from 2009 until now. My overall experience with the KeyOne is great and congrats to TCL for this great phone. The only issue I have is with the physical keyboard. The pre-loaded Bulgarian language is not working on the PK. Usually we are solving that problem with the Russian Phonetic (transliteral) keyboards, as the Russians use the same letters as we do. The problem here, which will affect also a huge number of users in Russia, Is that the PK is not working correctly in Russian. As the Cyrillic alphabet has more letters than the Latin alphabet, there are some 3 or 4 letters missing from the PK. I put both, PK and virtual keyboard active and the solution for now is to pick the missing letters from the VK, but this is quite frustrating and pushing up the "send" button for some apps (not good for chats). In my old Q10 I solved this problem with a Rus.Keyboard which displays the missing letters by long pressing (or pressing quickly) a specific letter and options for dif.letters were available. This is much better and make faster typing compared to the alternative VK whis is a non-sense for me specially. I wished that TLC will see that post and make our lives (and work) easier . Take care!
    06-17-17 04:17 AM
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    Just received my KeyOne, and I absolutely love the hardware.... The software on the other hand, I find that it is lacking (granted, I'm coming from a Q10 so I do recognize there will be a learning curve with the OS interface).

    The first major issue I have, is the lack of basic tools included within the OS itself. Needing to download a "file explorer" from the Playstore seems lacking. This is a basic feature that should be available "out of the box." BB is touting being the most secure android device, yet having to go to a 3rd party file explorer seems incongruent with security claims.

    The second is the lack of tools to transfer SMS/MMS message from the BBOS device, to the KeyOne (or any of the BB android devices) - The BB Content transfer only allows 3500 sms? That seems extremely "lacking". There are other tools out there that claim to do so, but they are also lacking (don't reliably handle attachments). There should be a much better path to transfer from previous devices.

    The third is the lack of out of the box applications that are comparable to the apps on previous BB devices. Yes there is the reminder app, or the tasks app, but again, attachments (media or pictures) are not really processed properly and are not linked to the reminder or task. I feel there should be comparable apps out of the box. Of course there will always be the option to use any of the other apps on the play store.

    The forth (which is also likely needs some time to get used to) is the interface. I understand that you are working within the Android world and things may be limited as to the interface. So many of the settings options are at opposite end from the keyboard. It makes for a long reach, and pull away from the keyboard. BBOS settings were closer to the keyboard. Suppose that is more of a nit-pick than an issue, but something to consider.

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying it. Going to take some time to get used to Android, but that's the nature of the beast.

    06-23-17 11:22 AM
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