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    I got my mother one of those Jitterbug phones from way back in the day for older adults that has the larger keys and ONE feature I licked that they had was when you first unboxed their phone they gave an option at startup.

    ONE) Launch phone with their native Jitterbug Operating system that they considered an enhanced O/S choice in comparison to Android. --or--

    TWO) Launch phone with Android operating system and just use it as a regular "me-too" Android Device.

    Now that I actually like the BlackBerry hardware, can BlackBerry consider the option where people can decide if they want the Key2 with Android or the Key2 powered by QNX??? Only thing is, on the QNX I would want the option to toggle on/off the hub. Because sometimes I don't want to read someone's message but I didn't have a choice with the Hub and I don't always want to let them know I've seen it yet. lol. But I would give QNX a chance again.
    07-04-18 03:24 AM
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    No. Not even close to the same thing. The “Jitterbug OS” is just a simplified UI on top of the same Android in option two, not an entirely different OS with a different kernel.

    As far as dual boot, well, I’ll let Alex Thurber field that one:
    “It is an order of magnitude more complex than Boot Camp on a Mac. I wouldn’t say we haven’t looked at that as a potentiality, but it’s a very complex project, so I’m not in any way saying we are pursuing it,” he says. “We get lots of feedback on continuing BB10 on other devices. If we come up with one that makes sense, that meets the demands of our customers, and makes sense from a technology perspective, I’m sure we will pursue it.”
    https://business.financialpost.com/t...t-android-push (17 Jan 2017)

    Also, BB10 development is done. There will be no new QNX-based smartphones for the foreseeable future.
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    07-04-18 08:24 AM

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