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    Ok, having problems again.

    I got the content transfer to work after deselecting the pictures and videos. Everything else transferred no problem.

    Now, however that it is all transferred, it wanted me to finish setting up my transferred email account.

    I am using my work email, the same one that I have had on every Blackberry since I got my first Bold with no issues.

    Now, however, I get the message "This email provider may not be trustworthy. personal information may not be protected." It gives me the options for "Cancel," and "OK." If I hit cancel, it goes back to the set up start page, obviously. However, if it hit ok, the wheel spins for a while and it gives me the message again.

    It seems to be a vicious circle. How do I override it since I know the email provider to be trustworthy. (It is our own domain, hosted by Telus.)
    10-03-17 03:21 PM
  2. Tim6876's Avatar
    I got the email working.

    Rather than letting the phone automatically set it up, I went in and entered all the required info manually. Since my Passport is still functional, but severely cracked up, I just copied the required information from it and it is working fine.
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    10-03-17 05:16 PM

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