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    It used to work on my PRIV to double-push power-button to get camera:
    * on screen off
    * on locked screen, screen-on but no PIN entered

    Since an update (some weeks ago or longer) it does seem to work ONLY in screen-off, as on "lock-screen but screen-on" it seems it wants to start cam but "crashes" back to locked-screen.

    This only seem to occurs when Cam-app was already OPEN on phone. If cam is closed on phone it still works in both modes.

    Anyone else?

    I'm on PRIV:
    * BlackBerry Launcher on
    * BlackBerry Hub+Service 1.6.51155

    After restart it worked once as it should, but all other tries after that failed at "locked screen" again until I manually quit the open camera app after log-in.
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    09-01-18 12:33 PM
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    @LiamQ I don't know if this is an app-suite or OS problem and no info if this it PRIV only or even me only.
    09-04-18 06:12 AM

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