1. The_Passporter's Avatar
    The issue here would apply to people who Cross boarders or possibly leave their local area where roaming would kill your data.
    I have a job that often takes me across the Canadian / US. Boarder. My data roaming has always been off and never turned on ever so this is not a user error.

    Upon crossing the Boarder and switching cell towers I have found that my Oneplus has incurred slightly more data than my Passport resulting in a $30 charge from Telus. For years I have crossed with my Passport numerous times without any issues or care. I have had several months of charges removed with a warning that they will not be so generous forever. I can spend 12 hrs Cross Boarder and have no more charges unless I get a MMS which puzzles me why the system would let Yaata allow that to slip through. I had to go into Yaata and change the MMS settings so when I Cross I only get a notification of an MMS with the option to download. The data incurred was 2-4 MB only but if I was not proactive in trying to determine and limit the usage it might have been more. 2MB is the trigger for the $30 add on package charge.

    For now I have been trying to remember to turn cellular data off and use Datally to monitor and restrict data when crossing. The only problem with that is if I forget only once I could get charged for the whole month.

    This is yet another example of how ******** the world is by embracing android over BB10 but that’s another battle that has past and died. It frustrates me that I paid $670 cash for a brand new phone that by all means should be miles ahead of my Passport yet the base system OS let’s me down in this respect and others that I don’t care to get into in this thread.

    Would like to know if this is isolated to select android phones or is it a widespread problem. Has anyone who crosses the Boarder found or had this problem with their android phone or BlackBerry android?
    05-23-18 01:18 PM
  2. MichealHeitz's Avatar
    Same scenario happened with me....all I did was rub my sim with some rubbeer and restarted my device a few times....workes like a charm
    05-25-18 06:22 AM
  3. The_Passporter's Avatar
    I seem to have found the issue to this problems. Apparently Yaata can override the data roaming settings, at least on my Oneplus it does. I had to go into Yaata settings and change the MMS settings so that it will only download MMS on home network.

    not sure how that is possible that's an app can bypass the system settings and allow data to be used. now I don't have to remember to turn off my data every time I Cross the Boarder
    06-17-18 06:46 AM
  4. JasonBT's Avatar
    It happened to me before also. I told them I only swap back the card back to M1 Sim before reaching Singapore. They said maybe some apps trying to connect to Internet which my Data Roaming Option already set to off.

    Not sure whether users from other telcos having this issue or not. It seems that M1 users having this issue. Now I will only switch back to my local sim when I reach checkpoint.
    07-11-18 11:02 AM

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