1. MarkyZ10's Avatar
    Whenever I restart my priv, all the deleted contacts return. Duplicate too. Any help on not having this happen. Thanks
    01-24-18 11:25 AM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    One possibility is that your Google Account Sync feature is causing the issue.
    You might want to make your changes one more time and force sync, or turn off sync altogether before making your changes.

    Settings + Accounts + Google + [your main account] + Contacts
    Take note of the "Last synced" date and time (might offer you some clues).

    Just wanted to add that you may have multiple accounts populating your contacts. Maybe uncheck the ones that shouldn't be adding contacts from.

    Contacts + Tap the Menu button in top left, scroll to the bottom and choose Settings
    Check the accounts you need to populate Contacts and uncheck the accounts you don't need to populate Contacts.

    This should just make things a little easier.
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    01-24-18 12:01 PM
  3. MarkyZ10's Avatar
    Thanks. Will give it a try
    01-25-18 12:26 AM

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