1. skybluenova's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I am having issues with the BB Contacts app. As you can see in the screenshots, when I have all accounts active, all the contacts are there (numbers are correct). But as soon as I deselect one account (even the empty BBM one), the number of visible contacts decreases in one or more of the other accounts. For example, I have got 261 contacts in my NextCloud account. When I deactivate the BB account, even though there are no contacts related, the number of NextCloud contacts decreases.

    My NextCloud contacts are synced via DavDroid, I am not sure if this is somehow related.

    Does anybody have a clue?

    Best regards
    DennisContacts disappearing in BlackBerry Contacts app-1.jpgContacts disappearing in BlackBerry Contacts app-2.jpg
    04-12-18 08:22 AM
  2. quizm's Avatar
    I have some very bad experienced with BlackBerry contacts. I lose them and I don't know why. I even have a contact for myself that use to hold some information and it disappeared. bad.
    04-14-18 11:56 AM

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