1. erose75's Avatar
    Has something changed behind the scenes with autocorrected words at the beginning of a sentence? In text and email if I start a message with something like "Cant" it used to change automatically to "Can't". It still changes it but uses a lower case "c". I don't remember this happening before. Also, it makes no difference if I have the check box for " always use this capitalization" checked or not in the shortcut words.

    Is this OS related? Launcher related? HUB related?

    I'm on a PRIV. I've seen in the key2 forum of people having capitalization issues, so I wonder if this is widespread across devices and not just key2
    08-04-19 09:27 PM
  2. falcotec's Avatar
    Please try in Quick reply field and as "Select an action" field, my Motion is making a difference in those two fields. One like here starts with capital letters, quick reply only with small letters.
    08-05-19 02:09 AM

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