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    Ok, so 5 hours ago I received my BlackBerry KEYone, a new companion that is doing very good (I am coming from Passport).

    Everything is ok, BUT...has anyone here ever tried with BlackBerry UEM (Unified Endpoint Management - the former BES 12)?

    I am asking because I am experience an odd issue: if i close the UEM client from the task manager, it does something like a flash, seems it is going to refresh/reload something and it is quite annoying.

    12-12-17 10:56 AM
  2. Sick Viscous's Avatar
    Problem was due to UEM Client App not having ALL the permissions. The refresh was the symptoms of trying to popup the request for various permissions access, hided by the fact I had previously hit the "do not ask anymore" with the NO answer. This means that, in order to avoid the bug, you have to give the UEM Client App ALL the permissions.

    This was solved with the help of BlackBerry UEM Customer Service.
    12-15-17 04:53 AM

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