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    BlackBerry, 35 years of life and at least as many transformations, rebirths, leadership, falls and shooting. That is why the upcoming 11 June in Rome is staging an event that concerns us all and the way we experience the most overwhelming revolution, the digital. All the details in this link

    In italian linguage

    In englisch

    "The law of conservation of mass presupposes that:" everything is transformed ". Even this BlackBerry has not escaped this rule, and after a thousand ups and downs, some marketing evaluation errors, this year celebrates its 35th anniversary »says Antonio Serra, a key man in the commercial strategy of a distributor like CleverMobile Distribution ,the company that had the courage, the merit and the idea of ​​bringing back, exclusively, a brand like BlackBerry in Italy.
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    06-12-19 05:49 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    It's cool that the name lives on......

    Sad that it's a boring software company that few of us will ever directly interact with.
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    06-12-19 08:15 AM
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    Dunt tell me that, say it ain't so... rim has wound up in car dashboards and iot like palm... boo,hoo
    06-12-19 05:46 PM

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