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    When you're in the camera app you can simply and permanently UNLOCK locked photos/videos by clicking on the lock icon:

    BlackBerry Locker mode - Why so inefficient to lock "unlocked" photos/videos?!-2018-04-08_130342.jpg

    But seriously, did you guys forget to add this lock icon for unlocked photos/videos?!
    (There is only an icon for share, edit, information, and deletion):
    BlackBerry Locker mode - Why so inefficient to lock "unlocked" photos/videos?!-2018-04-08_131429.jpg

    This icon should be introduced as a fifth icon under every unlocked photo/video for quick lock purposes....

    Ideally, you also want to be able to introduce a way to select more than one unlocked photo/video (by tab and hold method) in the "grid view" (or however it's called):
    BlackBerry Locker mode - Why so inefficient to lock "unlocked" photos/videos?!-2018-04-08_132439.jpg
    and be able to lock all of your selected photos/videos at once.

    This basic multi-select option would also be practical if you want to delete more than one picture/video without having to resort to a third party app.

    Anyway, currently it is only possible to lock a previously unlocked photo/video by abandon the photo camera app and perform the following actions. Go to:
    1. BlackBerry Files.
    2. Pictures & find the picture(s) you want to lock (videos are in a different folder, so that needs an additional step).
    3. 3 dots.
    4. Confirmation pop-up screen for the move + click on lock.
    5. Enter pin/ finger print.

    This is a highly inefficient way to lock unlocked photos/videos. As said, it would be more convenient to (also) be able to do it without abandoning the camera app.

    P.S. The lock icon (in the green circle) in the first picture. Surely, this looks like a design mistake, no? Wouldn't it be more logical to have an unlocked icon for unlocking (and a locked icon for locking)

    P.S.2 Would it also not be more practical to be able to go to Google Maps to show the location of the photo when you click on the "i: icon for information and/or somehow show the location in the overview that you see when you click on "i"?

    P.S. 3 To unlock locked photos/videos via the locker app could also be more efficient.
    Maybe have the locker app "remember" where to move back the photos/videos.
    Now ,for instance, you have to go in the locker app> DCIM> Camera>Select>3 Dots >Unlock>Confirm Unlock> SD Card/Internal storage (depending on where your regular DCIM location is> DCIM> Camera>OK.
    Can't you have the locker app remember the last saved location or something like that so that you won't need to take all these steps to simply unlock photos/videos.
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    04-08-18 06:46 AM
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    Have to look at who made it and how their overall business is going.... that is why it's not fully baked, and not likely to be anytime soon.

    TCL Communications is trying fix their business model... and for now they have shifted Alcatel from being a "premium" phone brand... to an entry level player with $70 to $$200. At those prices isn't much room for software development anymore.
    04-09-18 03:55 PM
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    lol atleast you have the manual lock option that is totally missing from my ... menu.
    05-01-18 08:40 PM
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    lol atleast you have the manual lock option that is totally missing from my ... menu.
    You mean the icon in the green circle from pic 1? That's not lock, that's UNLOCK disguised as lock LOL. Obviously they mixed-up a lock and an unlock icon. Pretty sloppy in my book. Don't get me wrong, I like locker mode, but it's not or should not be considered a finished project yet. Here is more (among others):



    BTW, how come you don't have locker mode (or all functions/options of it?) Didn't all versions have it by now?
    05-18-18 04:54 PM

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