1. Dalmetti's Avatar
    Currently using on my Samsung S7 the amazing Blackberry Keyboard installed through Cobalt's BB Manager platform, have bought a Note 8 and need to migrate all my customized words to the new phone after 2 years "teaching" lots of new words.

    Is there a way to backup / sync / transfer / migrate all those customized words from the old phone to the new one?

    Where is the "Personal Dictionary" file stored in Android? Is there a way to just copy that file and paste it somewhere on the new phone to make it run?

    In fact my case is a little more complicated, that's because I usually write switching between 4 different languages on a daily basis, so my Personal Dictionary includes two sub-dictionaries, one of each for two multilingual keyboards. But the original question still holds, if there is a way to save at least one Personal Dictionary, it would be more than Ok for me.

    My previous migration was from a Z30 to the Samsung S7 but at that time I didn't do too much research and re-typed myself manually the whole words on the new phone... which I refuse to do now, there has to be a way.

    If there is an app capable of doing so (free or paid), please let me know. BTW I already tried Wondershare Mobile Trans and it doesn't transfer dictionaries.
    04-02-18 02:49 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Did you try the content transfer app that also is in Cobalt's BB Manager?

    I haven't so don't know if it works or not.... would assume that BB would backup and restore their own apps.
    04-03-18 07:18 AM
  3. Dalmetti's Avatar
    It was the first thing I tried.

    Inside BB Manager, I scrolled down to BB Content Transfer, and tapped "Install" but after downloading the package, I got an error "Device not supported".

    On my Note 8, same thing except that it doesn´t even download the package, the error I get is "File not available".

    On BB Manager, there is also an option on the left menu which allows you to access Cobalt's "Repository" (alternative download source for apps). I tried it but the Content Transfer app is not available for download.

    I could try and download it straight from official BB site, but I read a previous thread where Cobalt said BB Manager wouldn't run on Android with BB Apps downloaded from different stores, and hence warned to no mix different app sources (Cobalt vs Google Play vs BB).

    Moreover, I read on official BB site that Content Transfer app quotes all the items that can be backed up and transferred (Contacts, Calendar events, Pictures, Videos, Music, Text messages (SMS), Documents, Email accounts), but none include Dictionaries.

    I'm just curious, if you are heavy BB Keyboard users like me, I wonder how you guys do each time you switch to a new phone. Maybe typing manually the whole user dictionary on the new device before erasing the old one is the only choice? Sounds kind of medieval to me... but if it's the only way, I'd rather do it than starting from scratch.
    04-03-18 03:37 PM
  4. treo_knight's Avatar
    OP did you find a solution? I am in a similar situation trying to migrate from an ageing Priv to another Android.
    08-23-18 09:13 AM

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