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    Hey guys.
    I am interested in the blackberry primarily for the security functionality. I was wondering if the Key2 and it’s dtek security Movies series world is better then apple and their security and privacy. Biggest one is privacy and your phone listening to your conversations. I know the blackberry key2 runs android but does dtek help to limit googles privacy invasion.
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    dtek help to limit googles privacy invasion.
    Depends on what you consider limiting. DTEK doesn't really do anything, rather it informs you of what apps are doing on your phone that you may not be aware of eg: accessing your location, accessing microphone, etc. so that YOU may decide to uninstall/block those features. At the end of the day, it's still up to you to take action on whatever DTEK is advising, it's not some magic layer of protection. It just helps you make informed decisions.
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