1. whatsever's Avatar
    So I have the Huawai because no sight for a new bb device or to high priced in my opinion.

    I use on my Huawai a feed that cover the whole screen and gesture and swipe.

    Now the comparing of bb10. Blackberry should make a newsfeed that covers the hub and agenda. it could be feel screen on the left of your honepage. Bang!

    gesture and swipe. swipe up is out of the app and back to homepage. push and swipe up is going to your open apps. or just swipe up and straight to your open apps. it"s like using the square

    In an app swipe from screen left or right you go back. it"s like using the triangle.

    other swipes we no from above or in apps it self.

    That is my idea for BlackBerry to work on a full screen hub feed and swipe gesture and swipe an leave awa the symbols donw in the screen.

    It works great on my new device and with a subscribe for the hub and manager it rocks and feels like I almost uzing my old Z30.

    Note : with huawai gesture and swipe only is an option in the os . so people could choose .
    03-30-19 05:44 AM
  2. GermB's Avatar
    this is what I'm doing on my key2 at the moment. Using Nova launcher I removed all the icons, hid the taskbar and placed the hub widget front and centre. you can even get rid of the border space by disabling padding when you go to move it. App Drawer is accessible by a swipe, but I set the default typing action to search through my apps. When I'm not using shortcuts for launching it's a great fallback.
    04-23-19 09:51 AM

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