1. CarmenCarmen's Avatar
    Hi, I recently bought a Blackberry Keyone and have been trying to migrate data from my Classic. I'm primarily having problems transferring SMS and the contact list. Using the Blackberry Content Transfer, I first tried using the media card transfer to my micro SD... However it only transferred part of my contacts (including a contact I had long since deleted, mysteriously enough) and not a single SMS! In fact the only thing it reported being able to transfer at all was my email account info (no photos or videos, either)

    Then I tried Wi-Fi transfer, but after waiting for 30 minutes after starting the process, I gave up.

    Now I'm trying Google Drive. I was able to upload the contacts and SMS, but when trying to download them... the KeyOne has been stuck on the downloading contacts part for an hour now (I only have 80 some contacts...)

    Any help? Was really hoping the transition would be a lot more seamless... T_T
    07-23-17 01:43 PM
  2. Leyra B10's Avatar
    Does the hub on Key One have an import contacts option? Do you have them on an OS 7 device? NFC can share all at once on OS7. I cant seem to share more than 1 at a time on 10. Might be able to put all your contacts into a group, and share via NFC..
    07-23-17 01:55 PM

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