1. MaxR_A's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this yet, but I use both BBM Voice call and WhatsApp Voice call services and what seems to me like a pretty big bug just popped up on my Rogers Priv running latest Android Marshmallow.

    I was on a BBM Voice call and all of a sudden I received a WhatsApp Voice call. Instead of it notifying me with a simple beep in my ear (like a notification would during a normal phone call) it rang the standard ringer and gave me a very loud and unpleasant jolt lol! Additionally, I picked up the WhatsApp call and the BBM call worked simultaneously instead of hanging up or placing on hold the BBM call.

    Perhaps C_bryant (if he sees this post) could bring this to the attention of the appropriate team to get it resolved in the next updates?!

    That is all.

    Posted via CB10 
    11-10-16 12:14 AM
  2. Uzi's Avatar
    Yes that's the way it is, I can whatsapp call and Skype at the same time lol
    11-10-16 12:52 AM
  3. MaxR_A's Avatar
    Yes that's the way it is, I can whatsapp call and Skype at the same time lol
    That's super bizarre. BB10 seems to be waaaay more ironed-out for an "obsolete" OS - I can't recall having such weird issues with my Z30. Is there something BlackBerry can do, or is this an Android issue?
    11-11-16 06:32 PM

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