1. Alex Chumney's Avatar
    Hi All,
    Just wondering if anyone has problem with their KeyOne wifi tethering? My unit is a Rogers unlocked, using it on Telus. It worked a few times before, but very hit and miss. My laptop/tablet, or other devices that I tried, would just get stuck at the obtaining IP screen. It is as if the DHCP daemon on the keyone is hung. I tried calling in Blackberry mobile, and all they can suggest is to put it in airplane mode for 10 sec, or do the network reset, and even that doesn't guaranteed to work. Any advice is appreciated.
    09-11-17 03:30 PM
  2. Alex Chumney's Avatar
    Not sure if anyone is interested, but discovered a work around for my problem. When tethering fails, I can get it working again by the following steps:
    1. turn off tethering
    2. switching the tethering band to 5GHz, then save
    3. start tethering
    4. turn off tethering
    5. switch band back to 2.4GHz, then save
    6. restart tethering.

    It's a bit of a pain in the butt, and it won't last after tethering is turned off for a while, but at least it got the hotspot working again.
    09-14-17 06:14 PM

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