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    Good day all,
    Trying to get a BBs (9900, 9360) on BES to VPN into my org. It seems difficult to get details on this, all I seem to find are the "just go in VPN enter your username/pass & voila" articles.

    Anyways, i've configured a VPN profile on my BB with the security settings, trying to connect to checkpoint. I can't seem to enter a (VPN, not wifi) pre shared key on the BB. Does BB (not playbook) support PPTP? All I ever get is VPN state: Error - Initialization failed. There's nothing in the Checkpoint logs to tell me a login attempt was even made, so I don't think it's even getting that far.

    Does the BB have some kind of VPN logs I can look at? (either on the device or the BES)


    12-07-12 09:23 AM

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