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    here is what we are experiencing. we have a small business all using BIS service blackberries of various flavors and carriers. out IT guy just upgraded our microsoft server 2003 to SP2 last week and once he did that all of our blackberries stopped receiving emails. we can send them without any problems we just cannot receive them. this is using OWA. he's been in our office most of the week on the phone with MS trying to figure out what would have caused this issue but so far has not had any luck at all. is there something special that needs to be set on the server side in SP2 for us to be able to receive emails that might not have to have been set before? i am not the most experienced with server 2003 but can pass along any tips, tricks, or mandatory settings to him so we can get our email back up and running.

    owa works fine through a broswer here on the desktop but just can't receive email on the phones.

    one last question, would an invalid security certificate cause this issue? i'm guessing no but it doesn't hurt to ask, when we log in to OWA via a browser we get the message that the cert. is out of date and we can click to continue on to the website and access it normally.
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