1. vincentnyc's Avatar
    we are on bes 5.0, and a user forgot the password. i know we can just try the 10 password tried and the device will wipe itself and we can reactivate the user again on bes.

    but on bes 5, there is a option listed "Specify new device password and lock device." will this feature allow the device change to a new password? if this work, it would be much faster than wiping the blackberry and reactivating on the bes.
    10-06-11 08:14 AM
  2. Tiassa's Avatar
    I would think so. Here is the info from the BES Admin Guide:
    This command creates a new password and locks a BlackBerry device over the wireless network. You can communicate the new password to the user verbally when the BlackBerry device user locates the BlackBerry device. When the BlackBerry device user unlocks the BlackBerry device, the BlackBerry device prompts the user to accept or reject the new password.

    You can use this command if the BlackBerry device is lost. If you or a user turned on content protection and a BlackBerry device is running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.3.1 or earlier, you cannot use this command.
    10-07-11 09:33 AM
  3. chmaro's Avatar
    Yes that Option will set a new password on the device. It will also prompt the user that the Admin has specified a new password and locked the device.
    11-08-11 12:34 PM
  4. IsaacKendall's Avatar
    Absolutely. The user can login to the device with new specified password as long as the device is in network coverage and is able to accept the new password. Best practice is to change the owner information too, that way the user will know that the password has been updated.

    If you know that the proper user has the device in their hand I like to set the owner information to something like:

    "Your device password has been updated to qwerty"

    This will also reduce the margin of error that they type the new password in wrong - you know it will happen!

    Once the user is logged in they can change their password to something more personal as well as set the owner information to something personal.

    It never stops amazing me how many people who forget their BlackBerry password. I've had two different users who have forgotten their password with the BlackBerry radio off which will not allow you to send down a new password to the device from the BES.

    The solution is to have the user initiate an Emergency Call. This will force the device radio on and simply end the Emergency Call the radio stays on, allowing the BES password reset to take effect.

    11-08-11 01:06 PM