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    Hi guys,

    We run a couple of BES 4.1.6 servers here, I have a question regarding personal accounts/settings.

    If we activate a blackberry device here for a user, does it pull down personal account data, for example facebook login details, POP3 accounts, hotmail etc? or is this all tied into their device? I know that certain settings/preferences are stored on the BES so reactivation pulls down some info.

    The reason I ask is because they are adamant it will, I can't be 100% sure and some googling hasn't pulled up an answer to this.

    The other solution I was thinking of is to get them to reset passwords for accounts, but if we can categorically say that the BES server doesn't store such information then we should be able to proceed with activation here.

    12-10-10 04:31 AM
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    12-10-10 05:57 AM
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    I think it only logs whatever information you set it to log. It has the capability sure, but if you don't set the server to retain it than nothing will be saved.
    12-10-10 02:27 PM
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    I must throw my two bits in, SO what if BES does store their passwords? BES is for work, if they want to go home and check their email then they can but work data equipment and it's content is for work only.

    There are serious tax liablities for both the employee and employer reagarding personal use of employer owned assets such as cell phones (This is updated for 2011). If a employee uses a employer provided cell phone, IRS states this must be for 100% work only activity otherwise the employer must track that personal use and assign a value for which in turn must be included in that employees annuel W2 at the end of the year (This also effects the employer's tax liablity in the manner in how they deduct such expenses for their taxes).

    Simple policy for employer provided cell phones including smartphones, No personal use.

    As already mentioned, BES admin's and such can't see the personal email from BES other than to know that it's there on the device. HOWEVER by default http & internet data requests go though the BES and out though the corporate internet connection SO while BES may not be logging that information, it's entirly possible that your employer could be monitoring their company internet connection including filtering access to non-business related web sites.

    When you check your email on a BES activated device, most likely using your employer's internet connection to read your personal email. In my company, this is blocked yet every now and then I get a new BB user that asks me to troubleshoot why they can't read their Gmail, simple answer were I work: "Because you are not allowed to"

    Were I work as a BES admin, I can't read a user's Yahoo email from any logging on the server but I can trace your internet access back though my firewall and log everything you do on your BES activated device on the internet. Is it easy? No. Do I go to that trouble? No unless requested by higher up management when they believe policies are not being followed.
    12-11-10 03:42 PM
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    @ HungryHippos,

    If you were to activate a brand new user on a BES, nothing is pushed down in regards to "facebook login details, POP3 accounts, hotmail etc".

    If you have wireless back-up enabled, some of this information will be subsequently backed-up and stored in the BESMgmt database.

    Alternately, if this is a concern, you can simply create a single or group policy to hinder access to any data that isn't work specific (Hotmail, Facebook etc).

    Does that help?
    12-13-10 01:25 AM
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    I often wipe and resetup phones, either for testing (very regularly this past week), troubleshooting, or from moving phones between staff. The logging and retention that is on my BES/devices are the defaults. In our environment the following is retained and restored:

    bb device setting, including shortcuts and menu item locations
    BBIM contact info
    browser bookmarks

    What is not removed when wiped:
    downloaded & installed apps

    What is lost when wiped
    Call logs
    txt history
    browser history
    bis email history
    downloaded app data - facebook login, game progress, etc.
    pictures, etc.

    So when you redeploy a phone, I would expect it to have all apps and BIS accounts setup. All the history will be lost. BIS email settings are stored on your carriers bis servers, so these accounts will show back up and will not require new logon info.

    Facebook and personal website login info will NOT be restored. The apps will be there, but they will need to run through the first time setup again. BUT unless they use there FOR WORK, who cares! They can spare the 60 seconds to set facebook up.
    01-03-11 12:40 PM