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    As I keep on setting up an office365 (E1) + BB Business Cloud Services environment,I now want to apply this scenario :

    One (9700 OS5.1) user has his office365 account set with his own mailbox, agenda and contacts. This works fine.
    The secretary of the office handles shared office365 agenda and contacts every executive must be able to see/edit.
    This agenda is shared with accordingly rights, this works perfectly in Outlook (desktop) and Outlook webapp.
    In these environments agenda and contacts appear under the "people calendar" (sorry if bad translation, see illustration bellow - Outlook web app).
    Office 365 - Owned + shared calendars/contacts on same BB device ?-capture.png
    But on the 9700, only the owned (i.e: attached to the user account as "My calendars" / "My contacts") agenda/contacts are displayed.
    How to (can I) make them available on every executive BB devices ?

    P.S (1) : I've done it using sharing capabilities of exchange, not using sharepoint.
    P.S (2) : I've moved the shared calendar under the "My ....." section, but has no effect.

    Thanks for your patience reading this and, hopefully, for some help !
    10-29-12 02:18 PM
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    Damm ... that's a KO.
    Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. We are pleased to assist you.

    The BlackBerry Business Cloud Services does not support public contacts and shared calendar synchronization to the devices. There are no information that these features will be in the future releases of the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

    Public contacts is supported if you were on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

    Here is the link below of the feature and technical overview of the BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

    Article Title : Feature and Technical Overview - BlackBerry Business Cloud Services Link : http://docs.blackberry.com/en/admin/...001-1.0-US.pdf

    If you require further assistance, please reply to this message.

    Thank you again for contacting us. Have a great day.

    11-05-12 05:12 AM

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