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    We have a BES setup so some of our corporate users can access their Exchange email remotely. I work at my company's Help Desk, so I get the first alerts when something starts going wrong.

    Today, I had a user report that he was receiving the following information in his Outlook(?) under the heading of "Sync Issues".

    Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:25 AM
    Subject: Modification Resolution

    10:24:57 Mail Conflict Resolution
    10:24:57 Subject: {SU:RE: paving job}
    10:24:57 EntryID: {CB:70, LPB:00000000D614AB36845D0C42A49E6069327C1438070058 C4D0660563B940AB548CDB5AEA989E00000014C7AE00008571 1737DEC8104B9854247139C908D80
    10:24:57 Checking local modifications
    10:24:57 Compare property: 0x0080001F
    10:24:57 Compare property: 0x0081001F
    10:24:57 Getting remote properties
    10:24:57 Checking remote modifications
    10:24:57 Compare (conflict) property: 0x0080001F
    10:24:57 Local{SU:displayed}
    10:24:57 Remote{Error (0x8004010F)}
    10:24:57 Not equal (conflict) property: 0x0080001F
    10:24:57 Local modification: {D:26, M:8, Y:2009 H:16, M:52, S:4, MS:821}
    10:24:57 Remote modification: {D:26, M:8, Y:2009 H:17, M:0, S:0, MS:212}
    10:24:57 Conflict generated, remote item is winner

    He is receiving mail without issue but is concerned that something very wrong is going on. I'm wondering if that is the case and, regardless of whether it is or isn't a problem, how can we eliminate it?
    08-26-09 02:02 PM
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    This error relates to a difference between a mail item stored on the Exchange Server, and the item stored locally on the machine. Often this issue occurs when using OST files in outlook to work offline.

    A common reason for this error is different timestamps on messages, modification of an email in both outlook (offline) and owa, or a out of date OST file. If its an issue with the OST file then a common solution is just to rebuild the OST file, this will ensure everything is up to date. If it is because the mail has been edited in 2 places, there's not alot you can do about that other than not do it!
    08-26-09 11:58 PM
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    Yeah I agree with amrishpatel54. Best way is to close outlook, go and delete the OST file, then re-open outlook and let it rebuild the OST file.

    There is nothing really wrong with the set-up and it won't affect the BES in anyway.
    08-27-09 08:44 AM
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    i'm getting this error... i have rebuild my .ost - if i have setup my outlook to not cache, i don't even get that folder.. so i don't see it.. but the only change i know we have done was install AVG on our exchange 2003 sp2 server and upgrade AVG9 on the workstation..

    10:02:03 Mail Conflict Resolution
    10:02:03 Subject: {SU:Personal Items}
    10:02:03 EntryID: {CB:70, LPB:00000000132B8BB7584D7A4489794407F5BCC7EB0700BA BF6C4159216D4B95CDA27C60F1003A000000C8E3F50000E438 7596A473EB43AAB7E1FBE365E9AF0000019EB8130000}
    10:02:03 Checking local modifications
    10:02:03 Compare named property: AVG FLAGS (IN)
    10:02:03 Getting remote properties
    10:02:03 Checking remote modifications
    10:02:03 Compare (conflict) named property: AVG FLAGS (IN)
    10:02:03 Local{L:16782629}
    10:02:03 Remote{Error (0x8004010F)}
    10:02:03 Not equal (conflict) named property: AVG FLAGS (IN)
    10:02:03 Local modification: {D:9, M:12, Y:2009 H:15, M:1, S:54, MS:927}
    10:02:03 Remote modification: {D:9, M:12, Y:2009 H:15, M:1, S:57, MS:681}
    10:02:03 Conflict generated, remote item is winner

    i have uninstall AVG9 off the workstation and try and i don't see any email going to the Sync issues, but as soon as i put the AVG9 back, all the email that was send or read when AVg9 was not install.. is all back to the folder.. so i'm not sure what's going on...
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    12-09-09 09:12 AM