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    I am a BB Poweruser but was always on BIS but I always liked to have BES service but in my company we are using 2 BB - too expensive to buy a server and licenses.

    BESX was a really surprise and I decided to try!

    I am using Exchange 2003 and our BB are on BIS contract.

    @ frist I googled around what I need - BIS or BES

    There where 3 opinions in the net 1.strictly BIS, 2. strictly BES, 3. doesent matter

    I can say - BIS is woirking well - no problems!

    There is a very good description (step by step) out on the website of RIM (link here on crackberry) how to set up the BESX

    After this - connecting the devices to the server

    that made a lot of problems to me. there are 4 possibilities to do it.
    OTA - dont work on BIS
    RIM Desktop Manager (USB) - dont know why but I failed- tried it many times because I thought this is the easyest way to do

    I was successfull with the web desktop manager but with problems...

    if you copy and paste the url in the browser (only IE works) you get an security error but that doesent matter - klick on the link "continue loading"

    after this the website calls for an install of a RIM software - agree - install is done in a few seconds

    now you get an activex error - but you need this activex script - so go to the internet options - security - advanced - activate all activex things (turn back after successfull pairing BESX-DEVICE)

    wipe your BB

    If you are on a BIS Plan - got to your BIS login and delete the email you want to use for BES. others can stay, you can use it further....

    connect your BB to the computer (BB Web Desktop Manager is still open)

    create a user without activation password hit search with your name or your email

    then assign your device to the created user

    you should see the updates on your BB

    maybe there is a little error (was in my case) if you click on the user and you see "redirection disabled" - you can do all but not receive mails. klick into the user and activate it.

    sorry my bad english but I think this could help someone!
    03-17-10 01:04 PM
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    I just downgraded to BIS from BES service plan. The enterprise activation went away and I had to reactivate a phone after a device software upgrade.

    I installed BB desktop software on the computer of the user and it some how synced with the server after a few clicks on the desktop software. Really simple and now we are saving $15 a month per BB, we have a total of 4.

    Not sure where that $15 was going but if it was going to Verizon I bet they aren't too happy about it.
    03-17-10 02:36 PM
  3. Regnillop's Avatar
    BES unlimited international would cost me 57 Euro/month
    Bis unlimited costs me 10 Euro/month
    03-17-10 03:44 PM