1. tnthunder's Avatar
    how do i monitor BB messenger messages on our bes
    we have a in house bes server
    and we need to monitor the messages that are going out and coming in

    any admin please let me know how i can do this
    12-09-08 09:41 PM
  2. ashworth's Avatar
    You can configure this within the IT Policy. There is one big down side to this. Once it is enabled, the user can then go to there sent items and see that they sent an email with all of there BB messenger messages within it.

    When I first set it up I did a "Fat Finger" on the email address and people started to call the help desk asking why there got a bounce back ( and within the bounce back they could see the messages... oops my bad )

    (It is under the BlackBerry Messenger Policy Group)
    12-12-08 03:55 PM