1. dpeters11's Avatar
    When I put in my current SRP ID, which is in the format S###### (6 numbers), it says to check the format. It looks as though it's expecting 8 numbers. If I put two leading or trailing 0's, that error goes away, and it comes back invalid.

    Anyone else seeing the same thing, or have a workaround?

    As an update, I talked to Vox, and they sent this up to RIM.
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    01-24-13 09:59 AM
  2. knottyrope's Avatar
    it need 8 numbers, you might have an odd SRP as i have seen one with 7 numbers not work either
    01-25-13 10:55 AM
  3. dpeters11's Avatar
    My SRP is most definitely 6 numbers, it is old. We originally put the BES in around version 3.5 I think as part of a package deal with Nextel 6510's when we moved off Wireless Knowledge and Motient units.

    Looks like they fixed it.
    01-25-13 11:29 AM

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