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    I am new to managing our BES at my job and I am needing to update my server to 5.0.4..we running version right now..(Yeah way behind I know..) But all has been working good..I am of course wanting to update it to the latest and now it's on my project list. This will be my first time to do this, so I am just wondering if there is anything that I need to do specially? Oh and is there a good contact number to reach someone at BlackBerry for some other questions? I tried the number on their site, but it seems impossible to get ahold of anyone unless someone conferences you in..so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    01-08-13 08:24 PM
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    Make sure you have the correct version of Groupwise installed (I think 8.0.4 is the minimum). I would also recommend contacting RIM and getting a separate license for he 5.0.4. That way you can setup the new server and migrate your users over with no downtime.
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    01-08-13 08:40 PM
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    Thanks for that info. Do you know if there is an easy way to reach tech support?

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    01-08-13 08:56 PM
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    Well, I finally got in contact with someone..so all is good, for now!
    01-09-13 03:26 PM
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    You might find some value in the compatibility matrix:

    8.0.2 HP3 is the oldest fully supported version.
    01-11-13 04:04 PM

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