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    Like the title says - is there anyone here using Atlas BES Connector?

    Atlas GMV: Blackberry Enterprise server connector for Linux mail is what i'm talking about.

    I'm looking at this for a small company at the moment - they don't have BES, outlook, exchange or anything nasty like that. They have a Windows AD server so can install BESx along with Atlas so it should work.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this connector and how well it works in the real world with users on it.

    I can't even set up a test box in my lab yet beacuse it insists on 4gb of RAM as the *minimum* and won't let you install unless you can meet all its evil demands : (

    Thoughts/Comments please folks.

    I'm looking to use it to talk to a Dovecot IMAP4 server internally, and I'm expecting full access to my mail boxes along with remote search in sub folders.

    Not too worried about calendars etc (google still works) and I can't see them using much other PIMstuff but they *do* want the full email experience without having to fork out for a full BES plan.

    I also presume (if anyone knows) that o2 UK have fixed the issue of people not being able to run enterprise activation correctly ? If I call them I will get stuck in a loop where they try and pump me for another 20/month for BES access, when all I need is them to enable me for BESx (Which im told is 0 cost)
    08-09-12 02:06 PM
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    10-17-12 01:45 PM
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    wish i could help you here. i see a support forum in there though. good luck.
    10-21-12 03:13 PM
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    It's ok - I managed to get an updated copy that I can install & im trying to test it at the moment against a dovecot mailhost
    11-15-12 02:00 PM