1. satchit's Avatar
    The trackpad of my BB 9720 is malfunctioning ,I took the handset to the repair shop. He could not find the part (Trackpad)
    Is any other BB phone equipped with the same/compatible trackpad ?
    Also , does anyone has the link to video of replacing the trackpad
    05-25-16 11:28 AM
  2. parryberry's Avatar
    I think all the BBOS devices have the same trackpad. You should be able to find one on amazon or ebay for a good price. I'm quite sure there are videos on how to replace the trackpad, I don't have any links though. Try doing some research on CB and online generally there's loads of advice. I found great tips when the trackpad on my 9300 started failing a few years ago.
    05-25-16 03:14 PM
  3. satchit's Avatar
    i tried a couple of other device, but the trackpad was not compatible.
    05-26-16 12:16 PM

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