1. the newsusieq's Avatar
    So I’ve done a device switch from an old 9720 to a new 9720. Did restore from Desktop. Although the accounts have copied over and there is all my legacy email I can’t get any of my yahoo email accounts to work. Just says the password info is incorrect. That is not true, 100% sure of that. I’ve done the “enable less secure apps” thing too, no joy. Spoken to my service provider, they say there is nothing wrong their end. It’s driving me crazy, can anyone help please?
    08-28-18 04:33 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    These fixes were meant for BlackBerry 10 but either way, it's a comprehensive list of stuff that can go wrong with Yahoo - https://crackberry.com/unable-integr...ry-these-fixes Somewhere in there, you'll likely find the fix but it's hard to pinpoint what exactly the issue is. Yahoo is just downright bad these days. You're better off creating a new email at a different provider and forwarding your Yahoo eamil to it and leaving Yahoo behind.
    08-28-18 01:07 PM

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