1. Poseidon Usin A BB's Avatar
    so, oh , hey guys. god why dont laptops have auto capitalization and auto punctualization? Okay anyways, getting to the point, I dropped my BlackBerry 9720 the other day quite bad. It was on purpose, though, cause I was in the middle of a reaally important call and it just rebooted on it's own. So in a fit of anger I threw it on the floor.
    Then later when I switched it on, it wasn't reading the SD Card. I tried adjusting it in a few million positions but it still didn't read it. So, I came to the conclusion that the sd card reader's gone.
    So, can anyone help me out on how to replace this thing? And where the heck to even find it. I've been searching the net since the last 1 hour, but to ni avail. By the way, I live in India, so that, like, just kills the availability by a huge margin. Ok lol I'll end. Thank you for reading this humongously huge para for a simple question. Awaiting your reply, some guy. (Lol that rhymes)
    05-08-16 11:44 AM
  2. Damian Montero's Avatar
    I can tell you that it's a common issue. I have a 4GB one that of course works fine on a computer and an android phone and now doesn't seem to be recognized. The systems settings says it's not installed and whatsapp complains it doesn't see it. So it just looks like you're SOL

    I've even tried (and you can too) make sure to do a full battery pull power off and on to make sure it's just that the system only sees it once on bootup.

    after all a lot of other blackberries (like the 9900) have it right next to the SIM card, which means it's suppose to be installed only when the power is off.

    Too bad!@
    10-22-17 03:01 AM

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