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    Purple 9720
    BlackBerry 9720 deals & contract offers | The Carphone Warehouse

    The Blackberry 9720 is now available in pink, purple or blue exclusively in Carphone Warehouse stores and online.

    We were at the Blackberry 9720 event recently. Have a look at what went on at Westfield Shopping Centre in White City, which included a live performance by X factor heartthrobs Union J!

    The BlackBerry 9720 is the perfect social networking tool thanks to a newly designed QWERTY keyboard and new software that makes sharing easy.


    For texters, emailers and social networkers, the BlackBerry 9720 is the ultimate sharing tool. With a re-engineered QWERTY keyboard, new software that lets you share everywhere at once and BBM coming to Android and iOS devices, you'll be able to stay in touch with friends and family effortlessly.

    The BlackBerry 9720 has a battery life of up to 432 hours on standby, or up to 7 hours talk time, thanks to a 1,450mAh battery. It's powered by the BlackBerry OS 7.1 software and an 806MHz processor. There's a 2.8" touchscreen with a resolution of 480x360, giving a pixel density of 214 pixels per inch. There's also a 5MP camera and 512MB internal memory, which is expandable by up to 32GB with a microSD card.

    BlackBerry is known for its iconic QWERTY keyboard, and the new 9720 has a new and improved one that makes sending a text, email or BBM fast and easy. The keys have been re-engineered and elegantly designed to make typing faster, more accurate and effortless.

    If you like to keep Facebook, Twitter and BBM bang up to date, then Multicast on the BlackBerry 9720 will be a godsend. Write you message once and you'll be able to select all the networks you want to share it on; just a couple of clicks and you can share your latest news everywhere.

    The BlackBerry 9720 has an FM radio so you can listen to the latest music and news while you're on the move. What makes this radio special is that it's integrated with BBM, which means you can share the radio station you're listening to via your BBM profile. You'll be able to listen to the UK top 40 with your friends, even if you're not together.

    11-03-13 07:46 AM
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    I love purple!!!! Thanks for posting. They should make the Z10 in purple lol.
    11-03-13 09:31 AM

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