11-29-13 01:57 AM
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  1. clint128's Avatar
    Do u have this phone?
    11-12-13 08:33 PM
  2. Seumas Macdonald's Avatar
    no, no time for this, I have my MP3s when I need them but I've tested it and it works, you have to have the headphones connected to act as a radio though so I prefer TuneIn Radio FTW
    Yes, I understand. My wanting an FM radio is based on the present situation on earth. Specifically the volcanos adding CO2 to the oceans, massive increase in cometary activity, weird climate changes on other planets in solar system, earths rotation slowing, etc. **** may hit the fan at any time, and if wireless goes down, I'd like another potential source of information about what the @$@$(_ is going on. I could carry my shortwave/AM/FM portable around, but I don't want the extra weight.
    not paranoid, just prudent. :-)

    11-29-13 01:57 AM
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