1. RestUnknown's Avatar
    Hi all

    I have this phone for just under a month now and I like it. But recently the headphone jack is giving me troubles. When my phone is in my pocket and I'm listening to music, the music could drop on one side (mainly the right one though). Today it even fell out completely and after 3 times of plugging it out and back in, it worked again.

    I've already tried different headphones and the same issue, so I guess it's the phone itself. Is this a know issue among these phones? Should I get it replaced or do they all have this?

    03-26-14 12:20 PM
  2. cloetechris's Avatar
    I've got a similar issue with my z10.
    03-26-14 02:40 PM
  3. ronfc's Avatar
    If the phone is still under warranty, return it to where you purchased it and ask for a replacement.
    03-26-14 10:10 PM

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