1. Shrey Nagar's Avatar
    Phone does not switch on. What shall I do??
    This is happening to my 9720-img_20160516_213838.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-16 12:13 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    What have you done?

    Changed the charger? Changed the battery?
    05-16-16 12:18 PM
  3. Shrey Nagar's Avatar
    Both. Looks like it's dead

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-16 10:11 PM
  4. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    Does it turn on with the battery removed and charger plugged in?

    Posted from my  Z10 via CB10
    05-16-16 10:13 PM
  5. Shrey Nagar's Avatar
    No. Tried that as well

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-16 09:26 AM
  6. AmritD's Avatar
    Probably the battery can't be used any more. Have you tried removing the battery?
    By the way , the model no. Is 9220 and not 9720

    05-17-16 09:39 AM
  7. Shrey Nagar's Avatar
    Yeah 9220. Realised the mistyping after I had posted the update. Well I believe it won't turn on anymore and seems dead. This is a recurring issue with some models of BlackBerry phones

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-16 10:38 PM

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