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    I found this page on Facebook which brings us some news about the 9720 : https://www.facebook.com/blackberrycurve9720
    09-01-13 04:49 AM
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    I found this page on Facebook which brings us some news about the 9720 : https://www.facebook.com/blackberrycurve9720
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!
    09-01-13 07:01 AM
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    No problem
    09-01-13 08:49 AM
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    will this OS version come to the bold 9900???

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-os-7.png
    09-01-13 11:19 AM
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    Yes to all the OS 7 devices
    09-01-13 12:33 PM
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    Yes to all the OS 7 devices
    Do you know when exactly???
    09-01-13 02:57 PM
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    09-01-13 05:06 PM
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    The BlackBerry 9720 keeps you up to date with e-mail, social networking and BBM. And with the upgraded keyboard staying in touch has never been easier.

    BlackBerry Curve 9720 on Vodafone Pay monthly | overview

    The classic BlackBerry Keyboard. Redefined.
    The next level for the classic BlackBerry keyboard. The elegant QWERTY design lets you type quicker and more reliably than ever. Combined with a touchscreen for effortless navigation, it's never been easier to e-mail, keep in touch with BBM or share simultaneously across your chosen social networks. The 9720 also features a BBM shortcut key, meaning you can keep in touch with friends in an instant.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry_samoa_black_usp_1_356x267.jpg
    09-07-13 11:30 PM
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    BlackBerry World
    Keep up to date with all the latest apps, games and more from BlackBerry World, with a new recommendation feature and BBM 8, including BBM Voice1 and BBM Channels. It's easy to discover new apps with new suggestions for you based on your past purchases. You can also share your favorite apps with your friends instantly via BBM, Facebook or Twitter.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry_samoa_black_usp_2_356x267.jpg
    09-07-13 11:32 PM
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    Integrated FM Radio
    Any FM radio station from anywhere. The 9720 lets you listen to the latest tracks and share your favorite stations with all your BBM friends. Use your profile updates to tune in to what your friends are listening to wherever you go.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry_samoa_black_usp_3_356x267.jpg
    09-07-13 11:33 PM
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    BlackBerry 9720 Black Mobile Phone on Pay Monthly

    The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone helps you do everything you need really easily and then share it so you are always involved with everything your mates are up to. And with multicast there's no need to say it more than once. Update all social media and messenger apps with one touch and they will appear together - instantly.

    If you're a fast texter and can't wait to share the latest gossip, you'll love the new BlackBerry keyboard. Designed for speed demons, you can now type even faster and more accurately than before. With no fuss. Amaze your friends with your instant replies.

    Discover the latest apps in Blackberry World™ including BBM 8, which features BBM Voice1 and BBM Channels so you can enjoy real time video calls with your pals. And better still, Blackberry allows you to share apps with your mates over BBM or Facebook. Or other social media. Result.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-9720_black_dimensions.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Facebook page for the Curve 9720-9720_black_sc_th_second.jpg  
    09-12-13 12:07 AM
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    BlackBerry 9720 - New BlackBerry Touch Screen Phone - India

    The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone runs on BlackBerry 7 OS version 7.1, which features an updated interface that lets you swipe to unlock the phone or access the camera from the lock screen. The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a dedicated BBM. It also includes BBM Voice, which lets you chat over Wi-Fi for free. With the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone, you can listen to local FM stations. The phone is packed with a 1450mAH removable battery, which is claimed to offer up to 7 hours of talktime and 18 days of standby time.

    The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone is expected to be available from authorized retailers in India from September 14.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry-9720-120913.jpg
    09-14-13 01:00 AM
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    South Africa

    Deals - Contracts | Vodacom

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-pocm01-652407.jpg

    Get the BlackBerry 9720 for only R179 p/m on TopUp 99 Vodacom4less with BBM and BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). Save R290 when you order online!


    Please note: This is a very popular device and we have currently run out of stock. You can still place your order online but we will not be able to guarantee next-day delivery. Instead your order will go into our back-order process, and the device will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

    09-17-13 12:11 AM
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    Etisalat - Smartphones - BlackBerry

    BlackBerry 9720 with 50% off Social packages

    Now own your new BlackBerry 9720 and get 3 months BlackBerry Social at 50% off (just AED25 for 3 months)

    The new BlackBerry 9720 is available from all Etisalat Business Centers & Outlets.

    This promotion is valid from August 28 2013 to November 28 2013.

    BlackBerry 9720 Black - AED799 only

    The BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a spacious BlackBerry Keyboard with distinct keys for optimal typing, a 2.8 touchscreen and trackpad for easy navigation, offers generous battery life, and numerous enhancements including:

    BlackBerry 7 OS
    The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone comes with BlackBerry 7 OS version 7.1, which features an updated interface that lets you swipe to unlock the phone or access the camera from the lock screen, as well as additional enhancements.

    The new BlackBerry 9720 smartphone features a dedicated BBM key that makes it quick and convenient to access the globally popular mobile social network, and with its BlackBerry Keyboard, messaging your BBM friends is easy and accurate.

    Built-in FM Radio
    With the BlackBerry 9720 smartphone you can listen to local FM stations, and automatically let your BBM friends know what station youre currently listening to.

    Multicast to make yourself heard in an instant
    The refreshed BlackBerry 7 OS lets you quickly type your message once and post it simultaneously and instantly to your friends on BBM, Twitter and Facebook. You can even snap a picture and post it to multiple social networks all at the same time, right from the camera app.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-27d6bba460587d22f6703893a3a0fc7b.jpg
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    09-20-13 12:37 AM
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    9720 Review

    09-28-13 12:17 AM
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    9720 Review South Africa
    GirlGuides | BlackBerry 9720 Smartphone Review

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-bb-9720-3.jpg

    Dedicated BBM button
    Spacious QWERTY keyboard
    2.8 inch touch screen
    BB 7 0S

    So Ive spent good full week with the new blackberry 9720 smartphone and although this was my first complete BlackBerry experience (Im usually not a fan), the smartphone features were simple enough for me to get the hang of in no time.

    The BlackBerry 9720 runs on the BlackBerry 7.1 OS. This was a deliberate move by BlackBerry because the BlackBerry 9720 is designed to be super social and is particularly aimed at first-time smartphone users.

    The BlackBerry 9720 has a 2.8-inch touch screen and a spacious QWERTY keyboard, which means versatility in usage and less typos when typing. It comes in blue, black and white, is plastic on both the front and back and its 120g weight means its pretty lightweight compared to some older BlackBerry models.

    The BlackBerry 9720 comes with a dedicated BBM button on the left hand that takes you straight to your BBM chats no matter what else youre doing on the phone. I found this function very useful as it cut down on having to minimize the windows of other functions I was using. So if I was busy perhaps on Twitter and a BBM came through (Im one of those who practically jumps to read a new message when it appears on my phone), I simply pressed this button to go straight to it.

    Theres also BBM Voice, a feature on BBM that allows you to have a voice chat with your contacts in real time. To do this however, BBM Voice requires a Wi-Fi connection.

    The other social network function I liked was Multicast. This function allows you to write one post and post it to multiple social accounts either Twitter, Facebook or BBM or all three (which come preloaded on the phone), by ticking on it and hitting the share button just once. You do however still need to limit it to 140 characters if you choose to post on Twitter as well.

    One the right side of the phone, youll find the mute key which also turns the FM radio on and off, the volume keys and the camera shortcut key.

    The 5-megapixel camera didnt score many points with me as I found the quality to be lower than other smartphones that have the same number of megapixels, so I hardly took any photos. What I did like is the shortcut icon on the screen that lets you take photos even when the screen is locked, by tapping and holding the icon for about 2 seconds.

    The battery life of the BlackBerry 9720 is no different to that of most smartphones. On average I would charge it twice a day, once in the evening for an over-night power-up and once in the early afternoon so that it could last me the rest of the day.

    The loudspeaker quality is very good, even at its loudest the sound is still clear and sharp. Speaking of sound, the music player comes preloaded with 89 songs from full albums by 9 different artists such as Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Carrie Underwood.

    What are my favourite features on the BlackBerry 9720? The music player, BBM (which Im still patiently waiting for to arrive on Android) and Multicast. But if youre a lover of the BB 10 OS, it might not appeal to you so much.

    Dedicated BBM button
    Both screen and QWERTY pad for versatility

    Low quality 5 MP camera

    Price: R2,599

    Score: 70 out of 100

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-bb9720_new2.jpg
    09-30-13 10:26 PM
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    10-08-13 10:58 PM
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    9720 Review - India

    10-18-13 11:18 PM
  19. BB10fan's Avatar
    9720 Review - France

    10-27-13 12:18 AM
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    9720 TV Ad - Indonesia

    10-28-13 11:54 PM
  21. BB10fan's Avatar
    9720 Review - India

    11-03-13 07:41 AM
  22. BB10fan's Avatar
    9720 Review

    11-08-13 08:23 PM
  23. BB10fan's Avatar
    9720 Review

    11-14-13 11:05 PM
  24. BB10fan's Avatar

    11-29-13 10:57 PM
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    O2 9720

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry-9720-overview-img3.jpg

    Mix typing with touchscreen
    Not everyone wants a full touchscreen experience. The 9720 offers the classic BlackBerry Keyboard - re-engineered to help you type faster, more accurately and with the least amount of effort. But you can also use simple gestures on the touchscreen to move around your BlackBerry 9720 smartphone, so that you can get things done quickly. Get everything done in an instant.

    Get straight into the conversation
    Staying in touch with all your BBM friends has never been easier than with the BlackBerry 9720. Press the dedicated BBM Shortcut Key to go straight into your BBM conversations. You can also speak to BBM friends for free over wifi with BBM™ Voice.

    Say it once, show it everywhere
    Got great news? Or heard want to share a piece of info with everyone you know? With Multicast, you can write a message once and post it to all your social networks at once. Or just select a couple – it’s up to you, From BBM to Twitter and Facebook, it is now so easy and quick to share your latest news.

    Snap and share. Instantly
    Want to share your pictures instantly? You can let everybody see your photos as soon as you’ve taken them with the Share Right from Camera feature. One touch and you can choose to send photos to your favourite social networks or to your friends via email.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry-9720-overview-img4.jpg

    Share what’s on your radio
    Your 9720 comes equipped with BBM Integrated FM Radio, allowing you to listen to all your favourite radio stations wherever you are, as well as share with your BBM mates. Let them know what you’re listening to through your BBM updates.

    Facebook page for the Curve 9720-blackberry-9720-overview-img5.jpg

    12-16-13 09:38 PM

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