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    Hi Everyone,

    Not the first time I've had a blackberry (previously 9780, 9800,9900, playbook), but first time Crackberry poster. I only bought a 9720 to tide me over until after Christmas, when I will hopefully be getting a cheap as chips Z10 here in the UK. Just thought I'd share a short review and some tips that have made my experience much better:

    Design/Build Quality

    The design is acceptable, it's definitely not as crummy feeling as the older curve models - plastics feel of a higher quality and the keyboard is a bit better. Having said that the keyboard on my example does move slightly, which doesn't hamper the device in use but drives my OCD a little bit up the wall. The back on mine moves slightly under a firm grippage, which is a bit of a pain too.

    It's going to be a matter of opinion for most, but I always liked the 9780/9900 blackberry button choice (home, back, call, end) which lies flat on the device, rather than this 9790 style layout.

    Other than that, it's a perfectly standard blackberry - if you like it, you'll like it.


    The screen is fine, at 2.8 inches it's a little bit bigger than the 9790 and most curves, mid resolution (480*360, vs the 320*240 of the older devices or the stunning 640*480 of the bold 9900) giving a ppi of approx 214, great viewing angles - which is nicely suprising, touch response is fine.

    It is a bit of a finger print magnet though, much more so than the 9900, but my playbook suffers from this.


    The keyboard is ok, better than most Curves (can't profess to have tried them all!) but it lags behind the 9900 in my opinion (remember this is my opinion only, I've noticed at least one Crackberry forum member who is defending this keyboard to the hilt!)

    The spacing is good and I don't generally miss type anything, but the clickyness leaves your fingers aching. Add to this the fact that any people in your office will be sending evil vibes your way for all the clicks burning through their skull and that puts this keyboard in the lower bracket of goodness - acceptable.


    At 1450mAh the battery is better than the 1230mAh one in the 9900, aided by the lower spec sheet (800MHz processor and lower resolution screen) this results in better battery life - but don't be fooled, it can now get you through a day with ease but it is no match for the likes of Nokia's Lumia 720 (my previous phone) which lasted for 3 - 4 days with medium to heavy use (I've had LOTS of phones and never seen a smartphone with better battery life!).

    It is also disappointing when I think back to my 9780, which had a 1500mAh battery (a mere 50mAh's more!) and that lasted a week with moderate use! Maybe moderate use has changed in this day and age, but it is a bit of a sore point that battery life is going backwards not forwards.


    Here's where some tips come in! Performance when you boot this thing up for the first time is a bit poor here and there. Generally, if you stick to non - app, non - internet related activities, you won't see any spinning hour glass. But if you push it to a few tabs in the browser or a difficult website, it will just crash on you...which is nice! (to highlight this point, anyone who is saying this has the same performance as the 9900 is dreaming, the 'liquid graphics' are not quite as liquid here, zooming in on pictures causes the phone to lag massively while it catches up and checkerboarding is much more prominent whilst surfing).

    I found that if you do a few things, performance picks up and (as long as you don't have a 9900 to compare directly) it feels just as fast as the top bolds:

    1. Delete any unwanted apps - I got rid of multicast, twitter and a few other non essential things (for me...I'm not that vein that I need everyone to know what I'm thinking on every social site in an instant...plus, I don't use twitter). This frees up some memory and if you delete such things as Social Feeds, this will free up some RAM too.

    2. Delete unwanted languages - this freed up nearly 100mb of internal memory, I mean c'mon!!!

    3. Get a better browser - by better I mean quicker. I've always found that it is good to have Firefox, Chrome and IE on my desktop, so why not do similar on my phone? Some websites load much quicker on (for example) Opera Mobile, but some work better on the BB browser.

    There are loads more tips for OS7 on the web.

    One thing I would draw your attention to is this TechnoBuffalo browser speed comparison between a 9780 and 9900, that shows that some OS's don't need all the power of Android (this is why the spec sheet of iOS devices are generally worse than the current top Droids, it is also why Symbian toting devices like the N8 and E7 had 256mb of RAM when 512mb to 1gb was becoming standard - they ran fine for the most part).

    Skip to 8.40

    Lock Screen

    This is a major improvement over the 9900 and 9790. A slide lock screen should be a must for all touch devices (unless you have some fancy eye scanner or brain wave modulation device...).


    For what it is, the blackberry 9720 is a fine phone, lots of people are saying they think it is stupid when OS10 has come out, but I think the Q5 and Q10 are pretty stupid - phones with 2gb of RAM and a 1.5GHz dual core, for all your media consumption and gaming needs...and a square 3.1 inch display, that means videos only display as well as on the 9900...

    OS7 is a very functional OS, yes it is BORING as hell, but it is slick and uninterfering.

    What I would like to see is a spec of the 9900 - which is now a budget spec, let's be honest 768mb of RAM and a 1.2GHz processor are a pretty poor show nowadays - a 8mp autofocus camera and a massive 2000mAh battery running OS7. Can't be that hard, and because it isn't BlackBerry's top end phone, it wouldn't need to be shrouded in aluminium, just a nice matte plastic body, tough glass display and bring in a bold style keyboard.

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    11-22-13 06:46 AM
  2. George Jenkinson's Avatar
    I found out this week that Carphone Warehouse are already selling the Z10 SIM free for under 180; a saving of 170. I don't know whether it'll get cheaper than that?

    I've just ordered and delivery is free and next working day!
    11-22-13 07:29 AM
  3. judd5000's Avatar
    Yeah, don't think it'll get cheaper - I'm waiting until a few second hand units become available after crimbo. Seen them selling already at 100 unlocked here and there
    11-22-13 07:41 AM
  4. PNU's Avatar
    I've used the 9720 for few months now (didn't need a too flashy phone so this seemed just right for me) and it's really starting to annoy me now!

    If I take a picture it freezes and I have to wait a minute or so before being able to use the camera again. The battery life is pretty poor too.

    Before this phone I used a 9300 that performed so much better!
    12-17-13 10:09 AM
  5. Haytham Hamad's Avatar
    I currently own a 9720 and this is very good and fair review, if only the keyboard was better, I find it a bit stressful to type long messages, keys are a bit hard and small if you have large hands.

    BB's choice of build material for the 9720 isn't horrible but could've been better, device feels cheap.

    but over all, its a good device for non power users and it does a very good job.
    01-29-14 01:25 PM

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