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    I performed the upgrade (22 minutes) and everything seems fine just a little quirk. I use the Today Theme so my next appointment is displayed on the opening screen. When I put a new appointment on the calendar it shows up no problem.
    But.....the appointments that I had in the calnedar before the upgrade do NOT show up in the opening screen of the Today theme.
    I would expect it is a matter of deleting all of the calendar entries on the device and reloading them from MS outlook but I don't know how to do it.
    Or is there a switch I need to flip on the device.
    I have tried:
    Battery pull
    Re sync
    Help on the device
    Help on Blackberry site
    Thanks John
    06-13-08 03:48 PM
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    Ta Da

    I found it on another site. Just in case there are other Knuckle heads like me. Here is the solution.

    "Connect your phone to desktop manager, click Backup/Restore then the advanced tab. On the right, in Device Databases select All Calendars and then delete them.

    Resynch the device and it should all be ok."
    06-13-08 04:11 PM