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    Hello all,

    I have tried searching and cannot seem to find an answer to my question. I have purchased several themes since buying my 8830 and I tend to favor Zen themes but for school and work a Today theme makes life a bit easier. I have noticed a strange issue that seems consistent with every 3rd party Today theme I have tried.

    I am on Sprint and my 8830 is running 4.2.2

    On most of the Today themes you have Messages, SMS and MMS, Calendar, Address Book and Applications like the example pictured here.

    Is the SMS and MMS a BES feature? Every Today theme I have tried seems to have a place for the SMS and MMS but there is no SMS and MMS text there and while the cursor will stop at that location clicking there does nothing.

    The question I have is the BB Dimension Today Theme seems to go right from Messages to Calendar to Address Book and then Applications. It makes me think SMS and MMS isn't supposed to be there but the 3rd party apps aren't completely removing the option from the Today screen.

    I hope that makes sense, anyone have an idea of what I am talking about...

    Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.
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    To get access to the SMS folder you have to separate your SMS and Emails. In Messaging go to Options, General Options. At the bottom of the list find "SMS and Email Inboxes" and select Separate. I like mine separate because Verizon sends an SMS every time I get a voice mail and I don't like them cluttering up my email.
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    Thanks, I set it to Separate and I now see SMS. I am puzzled though as it was set to Theme Controlled. The Blackberry Dimension themes do not seem to have a problem completely hiding the SMS option if you leave it set to Theme Controlled.

    This still seems to be a problem with every 3rd party theme I have tried as none of the ones I have tried seem to completely eliminate the SMS option on the today screen if you do not chose to separate SMS and Email. Is it possible this is a limitation of the Theme Builder software?

    I have been interested in building a theme myself and am curious as to how to avoid this problem with my themes...

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    You are very limited in what you can do with Theme Builder. For the main screen you can basically pick any of the stock BB icon items but not third party software. So you could eliminate the SMS item or replace it with something else like Tasks.
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