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    I have been using this theme for the last few days testing it out.. Its name is "Freeview" and it is incredible.. The creator will be posting screenshots and links shortly.. I have been using it on a 8820 and my wifes 8320, no lag, no issues, and quite sleek looking. If you cannot wait for the links, buzz over to 83xx themes section and goto second page about 3/4 down on page, look for "Freeview". I am sorry but I'm on wap so I can't post the links or screenshots, but the developer will be along shortly..Thank him if you d/l it, its extremely impressive theme..Thank You..
    HERE IS THE LINK INFO(sorry no link on wap)

    "HIDDEN L"

    He has also made a 4.5 Hidden L precision style theme. Very nice!!! Both themes have a weather slot and are very sleek!! This is the only "Hidden" theme I've seen for the 4.5 os, there may be others, but probably not for free!!Try it you'll be glad you did..

    P.S. Both themes are free!!! I am writing this ONLY becouse I really like these themes and wanted other 88xx owners to enjoy them as I do, for free!!!! Enjoy(sorry no screenshots, SS can be view on original thread)
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    Wow. Thanks for the kind words bkir72

    These themes should run very well on an 88xx device, and it appears that bkir has been having good luck with them.

    Here's the links -


    Hidden L

    I do need to update the screenshots, but that will have to wait until I get to my desktop where the source files are.

    Please note - ALL my themes are free. I happily accept requests. I refuse any and all donations. Take the few dollars and buy your significant other a card or flowers with the money instead, or better yet save it for groceries during these tough times.

    Thanks again for the glowing review bkir72!
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    No problem ghbil..Thanks for the themes, they are awesome!!! Keep it up!!!

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