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    I want to customize the "BB Dimension Today" theme so that Missed Calls and Applications are no longer there. This way I can expand Messages and Calendar so that I can see more than 2 at a time under each one.

    Call Log is useless because i get a message in my message box if I missed a call and applications is useless because there is an applications button to the ball.

    Please Help? Thanks.
    10-09-07 11:21 PM
  2. bwhyte's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone can help us!
    10-10-07 08:47 AM
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    If you activate the Vodafone Today theme it will do part of what you want it doesn't have the Applications line. It shows the following on the home screen:

    Voice Mail, a short cut for dialing VM
    Call Log
    Text/Media Messages
    Calendar, with only two lines of appointments showing.

    Other than using custom icons it is pretty much like the Dimension Today theme otherwise.

    I haven't seen anyone sharing info on editing the themes in any significant way like you want. Seems BB doesn't want people playing with their home screens like you can do with Windows Mobile.
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    10-10-07 08:11 PM
  4. pnutbudrcherryberrysanwich's Avatar
    Ya I've been wondering the same thing! Cuz I like seeing who the messages are from I'd like more then 1 for sms or 2 for messages I NEED more!!! Geez but I was told by some theme makers that its not possible and its not possible to remove apps either... Bummer big time!

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    10-10-07 08:43 PM